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Thank you

We know that landlords or property owners get a bad rap but we are proud to work hard for them and are thankful for all their appreciation. This is an email from one of our tenants in the property we manage. We would like to thank our tenants for the kind words and keep this in mind as we do our best to work harder for them.

Hi Rose and Jonathan,

I just wanted to send you a formal thank you for everything the two of you have done for me—all of the patience, consideration, kindness, and generosity with which you have treated me over my years in *********. I am deeply grateful. Your most recent gesture of generosity with the deposit refund was completely unexpected and truly above and beyond. I will not forget it—you will be in my prayers, both today and in the years to come.

God bless you,

*name and address removed for privacy*

Some Reasons to Consider Management

We are a property management firm in the Central East Bay Area. As you’ve read, “We specialize in leasing and management of over 300 apartments, condominiums and houses — mainly in the Berkeley and Oakland area.” If you’re wondering why you should hire us as your management firm, these are a few reasons why:

We deal directly with prospects and residents

We save you time and hastle

We collect the rent

We handle all maintenance and repair issues

We respond and manage resident complaints

And if needed, we pursue evictions

There are definitely many other reasons why a landlord should invest in hiring a property management firm.

We are a small company with only a staff of five people. You can depend on us to be focused and determined to help you with your needs and concerns. We are also hyper aggressive to leasing.

Read next week’s blog to learn more about our aggressive approach to leasing.

It is Good to Have Good Clients

Cedar Properties is very lucky to have a really nice group of renters and owners.

Recently one of our owners came to us with news that President Trump’s administration is considering severe cuts to the “Meals on Wheels” program.

Our client is on the board of the Alameda chapter and solicited us to make a donation.

We were happy to do so.

Thanks David!

Some of Our Renters Really Like Us

Perhaps our favorite thing that happens in our company is when get unsolicited endorsements.

Unlike other companies that constantly solicit positive reviews, we are very strictly the opposite. We do not solicit reviews at all. We consider that unethical. We actually know of one management company that has 100% positive reviews. That is impossible. We don’t trust those guys.

To be honest, we don’t get unsolicited reviews to often probably because we don’t solicit, but there is one type of review we get almost every year that nobody but us can see and it has happened again. We actually consider this the best possible review any management company could possibly get.

What is it?

Renters who like us enough that when they decide to move, they call us first and then sign a new lease with us for another building.

This year, so far, two of our renters have done this. One person is moving from a studio in Berkeley to a nice one bedroom in Oakland. Another party is moving from one of our one bedroom places in Oakland to one of our two bedroom apartments in Berkeley.

Neither of these parties has said anything positive about us on social media but they have said something that is way more significant – they have said that they want to continue with our good service.


And since this is a post about endorsements, we thought it might be nice to share a document we created a couple of years ago that put together some of the unsolicited endorsements we had received. Please take a look a the pdf document below.

Berkeley Resident Endorsement Flyer

Happy Holidays from Cedar Properties. We love Habitat for Humanity.

Cedar Properties, while a professional management company that strives for high returns for its’ clients and high service for its’ residents, is also a company that really likes real estate in all of its forms. From superlative public space like city and regional parks to well-designed civic and religious buildings. We are also big fans of quality affordable housing as we see first hand, every day the challenges people face with respect to housing in the East Bay.

Thinking about this led us to our choice of gifts for our clients at the end of the year.

One of our favorite housing organizations of all time is Habitat for Humanity, the great organization founded by former President Jimmy Carter. If you don’t know Habitat for Humanity, we recommend that you learn about it. They solicit donations of labor and money to build homes but they also insist that the family who will ultimately move into the property provide a substantial amount of the labor needed for the home to get built.

You can visit them here:

Cedar Properties is donating $100 per client (owner) for our entire portfolio. With 30 clients, we will be donating $3,000. As Cedar Properties does most of its business in the cities of Oakland and Berkeley, we will designate the funds to assist in our own community. We are also hopeful that our donation will be doubled by the Nissan Corporation as they are doubling every donation made through the end of the calendar year with their “Nissan Challenge.” If you are reading this, perhaps now would be a very good time to donate yourself? We encourage you to do so.

– Cedar Properties.
Jonathan Weldon
Owner / Broker


Some applicants will need a co-signer to assist them in qualifying for the apartment. Co-signers can fill out an online application through the ‘Apply Now’ button on the ‘Search Rentals’ page under the ‘Listings’ tab. Or download a hardcopy from the link below.

Click right here for the: Cosigner Agreement

Other Forms:

Blank Rental Application

Move-Out Security Deposit Form

Click Here to see a full sample of our standard lease.



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