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No on Prop 10!

Remember to vote No! on Prop 10!!

There are a few myths surrounding Prop 10 that could confuse people. The first myth is that Prop 10 will give renters immediate relief, make housing more affordable across California, will not harm the construction of new homes, and that this proposition will benefit California’s economy.

However, Prop 10 repeals current law and does not force the state or any city to lower rents. This faulty initiative will not provide any immediate relief for people facing higher housing costs, will not increase funding for affordable housing, and will not force local communities to build the housing approved in their general plans.

One aspect about Prop 10 that you all should know is that it has too many flaws. Prop 10 allows regulation of single family homes, places bureaucrats in charge of housing with the power to add additional fees, puts taxpayers at risk for millions in legal costs, adds tens of millions in new costs to local governments, and drives up the cost of existing housing.

Without Costa-Hawkins, rent control will also be applied to new housing, a move that would bring construction of new rental housing to a halt and exacerbate California’s ongoing housing crisis. Prop 10 will cause many existing landlords, many of whom are seniors who rely on their rental income, to leave the rental housing business.

Overall, Prop 10 is going to be detrimental to landlords state-wide. Let’s do our best to share our knowledge and spread the truth about Prop 10. No on 10!

Posted by: cedarproperties on November 5, 2018
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