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Some of Our Renters Really Like Us

Perhaps our favorite thing that happens in our company is when get unsolicited endorsements.

Unlike other companies that constantly solicit positive reviews, we are very strictly the opposite. We do not solicit reviews at all. We consider that unethical. We actually know of one management company that has 100% positive reviews. That is impossible. We don’t trust those guys.

To be honest, we don’t get unsolicited reviews to often probably because we don’t solicit, but there is one type of review we get almost every year that nobody but us can see and it has happened again. We actually consider this the best possible review any management company could possibly get.

What is it?

Renters who like us enough that when they decide to move, they call us first and then sign a new lease with us for another building.

This year, so far, two of our renters have done this. One person is moving from a studio in Berkeley to a nice one bedroom in Oakland. Another party is moving from one of our one bedroom places in Oakland to one of our two bedroom apartments in Berkeley.

Neither of these parties has said anything positive about us on social media but they have said something that is way more significant – they have said that they want to continue with our good service.


And since this is a post about endorsements, we thought it might be nice to share a document we created a couple of years ago that put together some of the unsolicited endorsements we had received. Please take a look a the pdf document below.

Berkeley Resident Endorsement Flyer

Posted by: cedarproperties on April 21, 2017
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