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Cedar Properties operates with a “lease only” policy.  This means that each person renting an apartment or house from Cedar Properties is always on a lease.  We do not allow our leases to revert to month-to-month tenancies. Every year around February and March we send out our renewal package to touch base and see what your plans are.

What’s my deadline?
There is no set deadline, BUT we start showing apartments 2 months in advance for Oakland, and 3 months in advance for Berkeley.

What if I haven’t decided yet?
That is not a problem.  We have the right to show your apartment, but you don’t have to make a decision until someone wants it.  However, if you change your mind after a new lease is signed, you may face a potential lawsuit with that person.

Can I extend my lease to  __________?
We are happy to negotiate alternate termination dates within the summer months, between May 31st and August 31st only.

What if I need to move out in the middle of my lease?
The State of California requires owners / managers to assist tenants in mitigating damages should a lease break be requested or needed. Please call us to discuss.

Is my rent going to increase?
Due to Berkeley’s rent control policies, we won’t know until January of the next year.  For Oakland residents, we are happy to negotiate that up front.

Can I add a new roommate to the lease?
As a policy, we do not play “roommate roulette” and will not add new names to an existing lease.  However, if you would like to bring in a new roommate, they may be brought in as a subletter.  All potential subletters must go through our application process and be approved before moving in.  They will pay rent to you.  We strongly recommend you sign a subletting agreement with them.

I need a new renewal/notice to vacate form.
You can download a blank copy from our Forms page.

What’s the process for moving out?
Please read our Move-out Guidelines.

How do we get separate checks for our refund?
Mail us this signed and completed Refund Instructions letter.